About How is this clinic.

Our main goal is to provide patients with access to affordable health centers, to receive information, to make clinics inform patients about their work and work environments, and to provide patients with rich content and alternative options. Users receive information about the offer and procedure from the centers through the contact forms they fill in according to the health center and treatment type they are looking for.

What are our services for patients?

With How Is This Clinic platform, patients can get quotes and evaluate prices, region and clinic lists according to the type of treatment they are looking for.

Can How Is This Clinic help me?

When How Is This Clinic is listing the all clinics for you, patients can see/experience the clinics on their own place, thanks to approved and confirmed clinics on our platform. In this way, you can contact the clinic of your choice with your peace of mind and get your appointment date. In addition, How Is This Clinic provides welcome, guidance and support services to patients in the Istanbul-Turkey region.

Why should I add my clinic to your platform?

How Is This Clinic connects you with patients and helps you minimize your advertising costs. With your membership, you can contact many patients from many countries and gain new patients.

How It Works?

You can easily contact clinics by following the steps below.

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