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Dalya Health Services

Cerrahpaşa Mah, Koca Mustafapaşa Cad. Ufuk Apt. No: 130/B Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

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As Dalya Health Services, named after the flower of September, we are following a successful path in the health sector by making sense of it with our organization in September. Imagine a job, which has a special importance in maintaining, protecting and improving the quality of life of human life, yes, the name of this work is “Human Health” Dalya Health, we have achieved successful works that have always resulted in smiley faces for us since the first day we entered such a sacred business.

Success in such a meaningful job is of great importance for both sides. Behind every success story is a successful team and an advanced infrastructure. So what services do we offer as Dalya Health; We improve your quality of life with various health services such as advanced modern varicose vein treatment, ankle wounds and diabetic foot treatment, foam sclerotherapy, capillary laser treatment, regenerative cell therapy, hair transplantation and aesthetics, and we restore you to that old health you miss.

Our love for our work always increases when we encounter your satisfaction by always acting in the consciousness of how important a job we are doing. In the light of science, we are working more and more to give health to our patients and to make their lives comfortable.

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What is Ankle Wounds (Leg Ulcer)?

A wound or ulcer is the deterioration of the damaged skin and tissue under the skin as a result of a damaging factor to the body. It is imperative to determine the cause of foot and leg ulcers, to monitor the course and to guide the treatment. Varicose and venous disease, arterial disease and nerve damage (neuropathy) cause most of the leg wounds, namely ulcers. Surgical treatments, laser treatments and drug treatments are the methods used in the treatment of foot and leg wounds. In recent years, the use of wound instruments (Biosurgical Mechanical Wound Care) in wound treatment and care has come to the fore. The disadvantages of these tools are that they are expensive and their use requires expertise. Electric stimulation can be used for the treatment of pain and chronic wounds with painless electromagnetic vibration technology. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also be used to heal wounds. Stem cells have the ability to reproduce themselves an infinite number of times and transform into a large number of different specialized cells. For this reason, it is used in the treatment of leg ulcers.

What is Cardiovascular Surgery?

Cardiovascular surgery is a method used to treat diseases related to the heart and the circulatory system it works with. Coronary bypass surgery is the surgical treatment of occlusions in the coronary arteries feeding the heart. Aortic valve disease surgery is applied in cases of stenosis and insufficiency of the aortic valve. Varicose vein surgery can be applied to patients with varicose veins with curved, irregular enlargements in the leg veins. If the necessary treatment is not done, it causes foot ulcers. A-V fistula surgery for hemodialysis can be performed for patients who are on dialysis due to chronic kidney disease, so that they can enter dialysis easily. Cardiovascular diseases can be treated in high-risk patients with a multidisciplinary approach, with technology-friendly and personalized methods. In surgical methods, open, closed, endovascular methods as well as minimally invasive methods and robotic surgery can be applied.

Treatment In Turkey

Turkey both in terms of its geopolitical position and should be easy to transport is a country preferred by patients from all over the world for health tourism. In Turkey, there are hundreds of successful health care for the hair transplantation, aesthetic surgeries and cancer treatments. These hospitals and clinics serve at more affordable prices compared to other countries of the world. Patients who come for a holiday in the summer make an appointment with the health institutions located in the holiday resorts and make both their holidays and their treatments with specialist doctors. Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya are the most preferred cities for health tourism in Turkey.. However, it is extremely possible to get quality treatments in other cities.

Turkey is a popular destination for health tourism, offering a wide range of medical treatments and procedures at affordable prices. The country has a well-established healthcare system, with a large number of private and public hospitals and clinics that are equipped with the latest medical technology.

One of the main draws for health tourism in Turkey is the availability of cosmetic surgery procedures, such as facelifts, liposuction, and breast augmentation. The country is also known for its dental care, with many dental clinics offering treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, and implants.

Another popular area of health tourism in Turkey is cancer treatment. The country has a number of specialized cancer centers that offer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Additionally, Turkey is also a destination for alternative and traditional medicine, including treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage.

In addition to the high-quality medical treatments, Turkey also offers a range of other benefits for health tourists. The country's warm climate, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage make it an ideal destination for those looking to combine their medical treatment with a relaxing holiday. Additionally, the cost of living in Turkey is generally lower than in many other countries, making it a more affordable destination for health tourism.