PHD Hair Restoration Systems

PHD Hair Restoration Systems

17 Amerikis st., Attica, Греція
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Since 1999 we have been creating rich #HairAgain with natural results against hair loss, thinning & alopecia!

PHD has accumulated hair restoration experience since 1982! It caters to people who want beautiful, natural, rich hair and provides services in hair prosthetics, hair transplants, scalp treatments as well as specialized hair cleaning, maintenance, and care products.

The hair prosthetic method with a hair system is an ideal choice for immediate, non-surgical, and effective hair restoration adapted to your type and lifestyle with up to 100% naturalness. It can give you the look you've been dreaming of and help you overcome the given limitations of hair transplants and other methods when they fail to deliver the real results you've hoped for.

Whatever the reason and type of thinning, hair loss, or alopecia you are experiencing, at PHD we will find together the "system" that fits you and you pair with!

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