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What is Ear, Nose and Throat?

Ear, Nose and Throat; It includes hearing, speech, nose and sinus, balance disorders, diagnosis and treatment of throat diseases, head and neck cancers and surgery of tumoral structures in this region. Ear-related diseases; Tinnitus, earwax, fluid accumulation in the ear, external auditory canal inflammation, acute middle ear inflammation, hearing loss. In addition, ENT specialist deals with problems such as ear tumors, ear pain, ear discharge, ear bleeding. Upper respiratory and digestive tract or digestive tract diseases and problems related to the structure of the larynx are also included in the scope of the Otolaryngologist. This includes disorders related to voice, breathing, and swallowing. Otorhinolaryngologists intervene in infections and tumors in the head and neck structures. They are also trained for the treatment of facial trauma and facial deformities.